Direct and Indirect Economic Assistance

• Emergency aid for basic needs (food, transportation, etc…)

• Aid for medicines

• Pensions

• Scholarships

• The American Cemetery

• Medical assistance

• Health Care Referrals

• Hospitals and other institutions

• Nursing homes (ABS has a nursing home directory)

• Medical care (Doctors, nurses, nurse’s aides, etc…)

• Health care programs—free monthly screening

• Legal Referrals

• Wills

• Job and rental problems

• U.S. Embassy Liaison: Federal Benefits and Citizen Services Home Visits

• Physical therapy

• Doctor and nurses’ visits

• Help with shopping, caretakers, etc.

• Meals on Wheels


• Financial management for those unable to care for themselves

• Check cashing for social security pensions


• Shuttle service to and from events

Psychological Support

• Counseling Provided by a Social Worker

Tours, Museum Visits and other Cultural Events

**See the Community Calendar section for more information